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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Finally the Conservatives Have Caught On

I've been saying it all along. Just declare victory and bring the troops home; that's the best way to support them. We have pulverized the country, yet (dahh) antagonism increases and ambushes on Americans increase daily. Rather than providing security, we have become the objects of the violence. Bush may finally have to learn what Colin Powell meant when he said, "you break it, you bought it." I ask again, how many lives is Iraq worth? It took us ten years and 50,000 in Vietnam and our motives were just as pure then. It has past the point where Bush can reassemble the broken country. They will have to do it themselves.

Unfortunately that means Halliburton won't make as much money, but...

As an aside, the $350 million we are sending to southeast Asia is what we spend in three days in Iraq. And while that sounds like a lot, the U.S. spends just "0.14 percent of GDP to foreign aid, ranking us last among the world's 30 richest nations. Even counting private donations, we give only 21 cents 'for every $100 of national income to poor countries.' "
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