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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Mother as Paradigm

My mother, now approaching 86, is a militant feminist, who despite Bill's rather untoward behavior with Monica, his disbarment, his pandering to the financial industry, and behavior that got us Republican control of the White House, claims to be a staunch Democrat who would rather die than be called a Republican. Yet, she insists that if Hillary does not get the nomination, she will vote for McCain despite my rational explanations of his traditionally conservative votes. That being said, I suspect that there is a core of voters like my mother who see something very conservative in Hillary and that appeals to them (aside from the obvious gender bias.) Something that even Ann Coulter could see. That being said, I think that Hillary is indeed a neocon (I hate to use the word conservative out of respect for true conservatism that values individual liberty, governmental prudence, and fiscal responsibility.) Given Hillary's penchant for gas tax relief and Iranian obliteration, I suspect she is neither a conservative nor a liberal but a neocon in drag. I have no idea what this means for the election this fall, but I suspect that unrelenting predictions from the pundits who seem to completely ignore every other issue in the world except the unceasing campaign, will be worth spittle.
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