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Friday, July 26, 2013

Random Thoughts

Wow, bring on the global warming. Low tonight (July 26. northern Illinois) of 45, possible frost in Wisconsin tomorrow night.

I ran across a reviewer of the Book of Mormon (any review of that thing even hinting at some negatively brings out the crazies. It's as bad as a food topic, and don't even mention raw milk.) And they all talk about facts, the "fact" of the BOM, etc. etc. My response:

Ah, facts. Here's a set of "facts."
1. The Book of Mormon is true.
2. The Koran is true.
3. The New Testament is true.
4. The Old Testament is true.
5. Monotheism is true.
6. Polytheism is true.

I could go on, but you get the idea. These statements are regarded as facts by different groups of people who swear by their validity; yet, they are all, or in part, mutually exclusive or contradictory. They can't all be true or factual. Now the question is how does one determine which is the truth. One can certainly have an opinion based on one's own cultural and personal exposure, yet the only real "fact" is that they all cannot be correct. And the sub-variants within each group are endless and often perceived as worth dying for, yet the truth of each remains more than elusive.

Occam might even suggest none is true.
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