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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Shooting Star by Peter Temple | LibraryThing

Shooting Star by Peter Temple | LibraryThing:

This may be another one of those books enhanced by an outstanding narrator, or, perhaps I'm just enamored of the Australian accent.  Be that as it may, it was a pleasurable listen while doing chores like dishes, etc.

Frank Calder, ex-soldier, and ex-cop, is hired by a rich bad guy to deliver money to kidnappers who have made off with his daughter.  When Calder counsels bringing in the cops, the response is the story of a previous kidnapping of another daughter who was threatened with killing by the abductors, but who managed to free herself and escape.  This time they don’t want to risk police involvement.

When the first ransom amount is delivered and they are ordered to dump the money off a balcony in a crowded sporting event, Calder realizes this is not about money, it's about inflicting pain on the Carson family.  The family lives in a walled in fortress having isolated themselves from the rest of the world in the name of security.  The kidnappers escalate the demands and  Calder decides to get to the bottom. It's a sleazy journey.

Good story with some surprises.  I had trouble identifying with Calder, however.

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