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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rogue - A Katla Novel (Amsterdam Assassin Series) by Martyn V. Halm

This book grabs you right at the beginning and won’t let go. Laure Cohn is a U.S. agent trying to trap whoever is operating as Loki Enterprises. The U.S. would like to enlist h/her for its own purposes.  They set up a target, hire Loki and then watch as Katla kills the men in the airport on tape and in front of numerous witnesses but they can’t prove a thing, it was so cleverly done.

It’s soon a cat-and-mouse game between numerous police agencies (Deborah Stern is back) and Katla (and Bram who has become much more involved in helping to plan her projects.)

I believe this is the last of the series now available so I hope Halm is hard at work on some more.  I suggest reading the Katla series in order starting with the shorts.  Good, entertaining reading.

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