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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FLESH WOUNDS (A John Marshall Tanner mystery) by Stephen Greenleaf | LibraryThing

Shit!.  I’m running out of Greenleaf books to read.  Only one left.  For whatever reason, Greenleaf has given up writing -- or at least publishing -- and that’s a real shame. As I have said numerous times, he ranks up there with Ross MacDonald.

Peggy, Tanner’s former secretary and close friend, has been gone now six years much to Tanner’s regret.  Out of the blue he gets a call from her asking for help.  It seems she has become engaged to Ted, a wealthy venture capitalist, whose daughter, not happy that Ted will be marrying Peggy, has disappeared and Peggy knows that Ted won’t get married until she’s found.  He’s hired an investigator also, but to no avail to Peggy asks for a favor, one Tanner can hardly refuse.

The case involves pornography, digital technology (it’s a bit dated, but, no matter) and a rather nasty man.

As good as the others, I recommend reading all of them.

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