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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mediterranean Grave by William Doonan | LibraryThing

These stories are captivating.  I did a little research on the author who holds a Ph.D. in archaeology and was a lecturer on cruise ships for many years in addition to working on digs, so the archaeological references certainly ring true.  Our hero was an archaeologist, too, that is, until he lost the mummies.

This time, Henry Grave, investigator for the Cruise Line Association, is sent to Greece and on board the Vesper, where the man guarding a priceless Minoan vase has been murdered and the vase disappeared.  Henry investigates in his usual Columbo-like manner filled with House of Pancake business cards, but cunning cleverness.

A good mystery with Henry having only three days to solve the crime.  Some nice travel comments, as well.  I really like this series.

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