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Monday, November 24, 2014

So long as you both shall live: An 87th precinct mystery by Ed McBain | LibraryThing

Fat Ollie takes center stage in this 87th Precinct McBain.  Bert Kling is marrying Augusta, a model, who is kidnapped from their wedding suite by a looney.  The scene shifts back and forth between Augusta, who is not about to let things take their course without a fight, and the investigation.   They are stymied with seemingly no leads, but Ollie, “ who was bigoted, slovenly, opinionated, crude, insensitive, gross, humorless, unimaginative…No, that wasn’t true. Ollie was imaginative,” joins the hunt and, with the help of the wedding photographer, develops the two leads that break the case open.

Short, almost a novella, the book is standard McBain fare, that is to say, a solid police procedural.

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