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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Black Mountain by Les Standiford | LibraryThing

Rather ordinary plot but well-executed.  Richard Corrigan is a NY transit cop, relegated to the subways because of an eye injury.  Assigned to crowd control at the governor's appearance in Central Park, he sees an odd looking homeless man moving quickly toward the speaker’s platform with his hands in his packets. Giving chase, Corrigan follows the man running into a subway tunnel where the man falls in front of a subway train and is killed.  What Corrigan thought might be a gun turned out to be an inhaler. His partner throws down a gun to make it look like the guy was armed and Corrigan, much to his disgust is hailed as a hero by the governor.

The governor, as a publicity stunt, decides to take Corrigan along on his wilderness trip and, of course, the party becomes stranded when their plane crashes after dropping them off and a couple of hitmen stalk them through the trek out of the mountains, killing people off as they go along. The bad guys seem to be helped by the weather which seemed a bit too much deus ex machina, but nevermind.

The governor is your standard schnook to the point where rooting for the bad guys is a definite option.  There is never any doubt as to the ultimate outcome so a thriller it’s not and this is perhaps one of those books enhanced by the skill of the narrator, Richard Ferrone, who is very good, indeed.

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