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Monday, March 23, 2015

Belfast Noir (Akashic Noir) by Adrian McKinty | LibraryThing

I'm not much of a fan of short fiction.  Often I find that authors either don't know when to bring the story to a close, or, they end them too abruptly. But I do like to discover new authors through collections, and the series of city-based Noir tales published by Akashic (soon they might run out of cities;  I doubt we'll see a Pelican Rapids Noir) can occasionally be a gold mine for finding new authors.  How many I discover will affect my rating.

Edited by two favorite authors, Adrian McKinty and Stuart Neville, this one is devoted to stories in or around Belfast.  There were a couple I really enjoyed, some others that were just OK, and a few that got quickly skimmed after reading the first couple pages.  Generally, those written by authentic Irish authors fared the best.  Unfortunately, there were too few stories that gripped me.

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