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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Three Doors to Death by Rex Stout | LibraryThing

I suppose I could spend some time detailing the plots of these three novellas, but when it comes right down to it they are formulaic, but my, what a formula.  I love Rex Stout, although the early novels are probably better than those toward the end of his life.  Nevertheless, if you have never read any Nero Wolfe stories, you must.  The characters are classic and the word interplay between them is wonderful.

My favorite is the third.  Wolfe is desperate as Theodore has left for an extended period of time to care for his sick mother so Wolfe has no one to do the dirty work with the orchids.  He thinks he’s found a replacement and has actually left the brownstone to beseech Andy to come work for him.  Unfortunately, Andy’s fiance has just been killed and he’s the prime suspect so if Wolfe wants to get his orchids cared for he has to solve the crime quickly.  Wolfe actually has to sneak through the woods in the middle of the snow, falling down a couple of times. Now that must have been a sight.

Just go read all those you can get your hands on.

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