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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hounded (An Andy Carpenter Novel) by David Rosenfelt | LibraryThing

Audiobook. Perfectly read by Grover Gardner.  I read several of the early Andy Carpenter series several years ago, liked them, and then promptly forgot about them.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see that there have been several new ones published and available on Audible.  I bought a bunch.

Andy is asked by his friend in the police department, Capt. Pete Stanton, to foster a bassett hound and a little boy, Ricky Diaz, the son of an informant, who has been killed. Then Pete is charged with the informant’s murder and the evidence against him is overwhelming. Andy, being independently wealthy, takes on the defense of his friend along with his usual sidekicks, Lori, his P.I. girlfriend; Sam, the computer genius and hacker; Hike, the perpetual pessimist; and Marcus, the gentle hulk.

It’s no spoiler to reveal that the case against Pete is so airtight the only way Andy can get Pete off is to find the motive behind what is clearly a frame-up.  Nor is it revealing anything that Lori, and soon Andy, are quite taken with Ricky and the hound. Nor that the veterinary medicine research (Rosenfelt is obviously a dog-lover and he and his wife founded a dog rescue) plays a role.

One reads these not for the mystery but rather the characters and Andy’s self-deprecating sense of humor and wise-cracks, not to mention courtroom shenanigans.

Very enjoyable listening.

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