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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rants Within the Undead God: Clash of Worldviews: God and the Devil

This is very clever. Click on the title link to view the entire bog post.  A sample:

"GOD: How can the devil hope to understand love?

 DEVIL: I’m the lord of nature—now that you’ve left the playing field. Love is natural so I understand it far better than you do. The better question is how the singular mind at the apex of Being, who’s neither male nor female and thus no parent of anything, and who existed timelessly prior to the creation of all biological processes could hope to understand love in anything but the most academic manner? You know nothing of love or of the natural world that the other archons and I rule, because you’re Being in general, not any mere particular being. Natural creatures can’t understand you and you can’t understand them.

 GOD: I became a man to overcome precisely that obstacle.

 DEVIL: Please! The dying and rising godman myth is about vegetative and astronomical cycles. Just because an offshoot of neo-Jewish worshippers literalized an esoteric form of the Mysteries to overpower their fellows through oversimplification and misdirection doesn’t mean you actually incarnated as a mortal. No, the problems of mysticism remain as bewildering as ever."

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