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Monday, July 20, 2015

Brimstone by Robert B. Parker

Audiobook:  I listen to a lot of audiobooks in the summer while mowing the lawn which takes about 4-5 hours and given the substantial rain we have had this summer, it’s at least once a week. It’s nice to have something entertaining while negotiating trees and hills.  

This series has been wonderfully engaging. Third in the series featuring Cole and Hitch.  They have found Allie, Virgil’s former lover who had run away following the abortive affair in Appaloosa. She was in Brimstone working as a whore.  They rescue her from the situation and Virgil and Hitch take jobs in Brimstone as deputy sheriffs while Virgil and Allie try to get back on track. She has found religion under the suspect tutelage of Parnell who seems to be in league with Pike, a local saloon owner who is being tracked by a large Indian. Virgil and Hitch have their hands full.

The series has been continued following Parker’s death by Robert Knott.  I am reluctant to
try them as I suspect capturing Parker’s unique style in this western series will be very difficult. The audio version, read by Rex Linn, which I sampled, doesn’t come close to Titus Welliver’s narration in the three original works by Parker.  The narrator is very important in any audiobook and Welliver does a wonderful job with Parker’s unique cadence that’s so apparent in both the western and Jesse Stone series.

If you like Jesse Stone, I’m sure you’ll like Cole and Hitch.

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