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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Goodreads | Eric_W Welch (Forreston, IL)'s review of The Destroyed

This is the fifth in the Jonathan Quinn series which I have more or less read in order. Not to put anyone off, but I grabbed this for a distraction while getting ready for a colonscopy. It did the trick. It was well-written and an enjoyable read with only a few plot holes or jaw-drops so common in many so-called thrillers (a misnomer, surely, I mean, we all know the narrator/good guy wins in the end, right? )

Mila Voss, good friend and erstwhile lover of Julien, to whom Quinn owes a large debt for saving his life, has decided (just why now after all these years is a bit unclear) to get to the bottom of why she was targeted for assassination and had to go into hiding. Quinn, who has been hiding in Thailand for his own reasons, is contacted by Peter, a former client, when the facial scan of a stranger at an apparent suicide reveals an uncanny resemblance to Mila whose lifeless body Quinn had supposedly identified and “cleaned” up after her presumed assassination.

While I thought the “Cancer Project” was a bit thin as a plot device to explain the actions of several characters, the story flowed nicely and Quinn is an interesting character.  I still wonder, though how Peter could have afforded all those fancy hideaways and cubby-holes in Washington for all those years, not to mention keeping track of all the keys and alarm codes. And did you ever notice how no one ever seems to have money issues but no ostensible paycheck?

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