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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Five reasons to urge defeat of Orrin Hatch's Induce bill:

1. It discourages innovation:
Frivolous lawsuits would abound. The bill would prohibit any device that could possibly be used to facilitate copyright infringement, e.g., vcrs, IPODs, CD-Rs, etc. You get the picture.

2. It threatens even email and browsers:
Google and other search engines utilize P2P technology. Email is also a form of P2P.

3. The Business Software Alliance is scared of it.

4. It ignores reality. Technology development should not be hindered. What is needed is thoughtful and new ways of using it. After all, the VCR saved the movie industry, ratherthan destroying it. Why is the music industry so obtuse?

5. It will ultimately be more harmful to the people it purports to protect. It's also just bad law. One should never prohibit anything because it might be used illegally. We'd have to get rid of cars, guns, airplanes, etc.
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