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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Just what I always expected!

"Why it's good for you to be lazy" (From The Week's Little Red Book)
"Couch potatoes, rejoice: Lying around doing nothing is good for your health. Vigorous exercisers are racing toward an early death, claims Peter Axt, a researcher with the Fulda University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Axt theorizes that we only have a limited amount of energy. When we spend hours pounding the pavement or pedaling an exercise machine, we're using up energy needed to maintain health he says. 'People who would rather laze in a hammock instead of running a marathon, or who take a midday nap instead of playing squash, have a better chance of living into old age,' he says. Axt does, however, recommend moderate exercise, such as a tranquil walk. And let yourself sleep -- as much as possible. Getting up early stresses us out for the whole day, he says. 'Waste half your free time. Just enjoy lazing around.' "
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