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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

So what ever happened to the balanced budget amendment?

The new conservatives (?) are really tax-cut and spend big government advocates. According to former Republican representative Joe Scarborough, during the Clinton administration "federal spending grew at a rate of 3.4 percent, whereas government spending has grown at a dangerous 10.4 percent clip during George W. Bush's first term." (more quotes) I remember not so many years ago when it was a Republican Eleventh Commandment to have a balanced budget. In fact, Bush and company stymied a bi-partisan effort in Congress to require offsetting spedning increases with spending cuts. They're building a house of cards, folks. So why isn't anyone writing about the problem, or at least paying attention?

Jack Germond in Fat Man Fed Up suggests that the leftward leaning of most reporters isn't the problem, it's that they have realized that policy discussions bore Americans and so in the end, "it is far wiser to focus attention on the kind of people who are running rather than which one has the best plan for providing drug coverage for old folks."


Rome Wasn't Burnt in a Day by Joe Scarborough
Running on Empty by Peter Peterson
Fat Man Fed Up by Jack Germond
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