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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Last Juror by Grisham

Just because I' haven't been able to read much of my own choosing lately doesn't mean I can't listen. Plenty of time for that (commute, shower, doing chores, folding laundry, making dinner, getting dressed, etc.) and thank goodness for Audible's large selection of goodies. (link)

Grisham really does know how to tell a tale. I've been listening to the Last Juror among other things. (I usually have several different choices to pick from depending on my mood.) Michael Beck is a very talented reader and perfect for Grisham whose books often take place in the south. He has just the right accent and manner that captures the humor and irony that I enjoy in Grisham. There is a wonderful scene where the protagonist, Willie Traynor, young owner of the local newspaper, is being treated to a goat roast by a local ambulance-chasing lawyer who has given Traynor a gun. Traynor has taken on a powerful, well-connected, local family that doesn't mind using violence and intimidation to maintain its control. The scene where Willie is trying to learn how to use the gun and is treated to the local peach brandy moonshine is priceless. Grisham writes about the south as if he were creating a tapestry or telling a story on a porch. Lots of rich detail that make it fascinating.
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