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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What was God thinking?

Unicast: Jon Stewart on C-SPAN podcast

What could he/she have been thinking when putting most of the world's important religious shrines within blocks of each other?

An example of some of Jon Stewart's remarks during a presentation done before the election last year before a group of journalists (?). Download the audio podcast. It's funny and trenchant. He savages the media for its failure to penetrate the bubble of the political "inside." He says that the media have become a part of the political world they need to analyze and instead have lost sight of the whole.

When asked about reports that children were getting their news from The Daily Show, he noted that an Annenberg study discovered that viewers of his show were in fact much better informed than the general populace, but it's not from watching his show. People watch his show to be amused. It's a comedy, but he assumes a considerable knowledge base for the humor to work. People watch the show to laugh; they already have the information, which they get from non-traditional sources.

The FCC indecency fines were just silly. The Janet Jackson episode was preceeded by a Cialis commercial that suggested that if your erection lasted more than four hours, you should see a doctor. Puhleeeze.

The presidential debates were nothing more than Coke and Pepsi discussing beverage supremacy. (Classic). The problem with the media is not bias it's laziness. Right on, Jon.

Download and enjoy.
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