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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Has Pat been drinking too much of his joy juice?

According to the CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network,) Pat Robertson can leg press 2000 pounds and drinking it helps him defy age. (Link) (They use it as a site to collect donor information by offering the recipe, but you have to register.)

Pat's recent suggestion that we assassinate Venezuela's Chavez, (Link)a man elected with a substantial majority of the popular vote is somewhat puzzling given Pat's ostensible adherence to the display of the Ten Commandments. I guess he didn't realize he was supposed to read it too.

Pat's fondness for the military is suspect given his military duties. His father was a Senator who used his influence to keep Pat out of the Korean front lines. (Link) His job was to be the unit's liquor officer and he was well-known to sample the wares. I suspect the alcohol did more damage to his brain than his liver.

Our Sunday school lesson for this week is, "Who would Jesus assassinate?"
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