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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Sea of Garbage

Elizabeth Royte decided one day to find out what happened to her garbage. The result is Garbage Land, a mesmerizing trip through the hidden, but necessary, side of the consumption society.

The waste stream has tripled since 1960, 4.3 pounds per person. In 2003, every American generated 1.31 tons of trash each year, about 2.5 times what a resident of Oslo, Norway produces.

P.S. Why are we so worried about the pecadillos of the president of the Boeing Company. I mean, who cares who he might be screwing. He's producing weapons of mass destruction, for heaven's sake. And in the meantime, the GAO reports that $9 billion has been lost in Iraq, not misspent, simply lost, unaccounted for. In the meantime, I say who cares who is screwing whom.

And isn't it fun listening to people bitch about the price of gas while sipping on a $4 latte?

You can't smoke a cigar, but you can drive through a restaurant spewing crap into the atmosphere?
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