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Saturday, September 03, 2005

More evidence of Dubya's satanic origins

George Walter BushJr {6 letters in each word} was born July "6th, 194"6", served "6" years as governor of Texas, was the 4"6"th governor of Texas, announced his intentions of seeking presidency in 1999....."666" governor of Texas he denied a plea for clemency from a "black death row female inmate" whom allegedly had repented and found "god"....he laughed and mocked her pleas for mercy on Texas television interview and let her die......but he did communte one death sentence as governor of Texas a serial killer named "Lucas" who allegedly killed 40+ and was unrepentent and a devil whorshiper! As a teenager Bush for fun blew up helpless frogs with firecrackers which experts would say is sign of future "serial killers" This is all available via any biographical research on Bush, now go too the bible and read the description of the "anti-christ" and how he will decieve many, preach peace but make war, lead a massive and all powerful army, and rise too power and bring world catastrophe.....! Is this all coincidence? Maybe but if one thinks Bush leads a compassionate christian movement then one is not reading the facts....and a act of nature/god has shown his true nature and humanity, he and his ilk the anti-christians who have fooled the masses are being slowly exposed, since the bible says if god did not shorten the beasts days mankind might not survive...! Only god knows the truth in this but the bible does say let he that hath wisdom see the signs....!

My compliments to the original anonymous poster.
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