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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Kansas: They Probably Think Dorothy Still has the Slippers, too.

The news from Kansas is so silly. In its retrograde insistence that "Intelligent Design" be taught alongside with the theory of evolution, the religious luddites fail to realize how damaging this all ultimately will be to religious freedom for the mixing of politics with religion inevitably leads to a form of official recognition for a particular orthodoxy that enlightened religious leaders fear. (An excellent book on the subject of religious orthodoxy and heresy is Blasphemy by Leonard Levy.

For recent articles related to science, evolution, intelligent design, and the appaling unintelligenc e of the American People see (link).

"It is impossible to underestimate the intelligence of the American People." H.L. Mencken

For a Link to National Science Foundation response to the soon-to-be-published Kansas Board of Ed. Report.

Blogger's comment:

: "This grows more depressing. As a National Merit Science Scholarship finalist during the heyday of science in the classrooms, it never occurred to me that the United States educational system could revert to a 15th century religious tapestry.
Is it purely a lack of the ability to think (47% Americans think that the sun revolves around the earth), or is it due to the fear of the consequences and difficult choices science can bring -- a desire to return to the Luddites?"
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