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Sunday, March 26, 2006

2182 Khz

David Masiel, the author of 2182 Khz, worked on a salvage tug in the Alaskan waters. I hope the experience of Harry Seine, the deckhand protagonist of this riveting story, does not reflect a real event in Masiel's life, for the knockdown of the salvage tug he is the only survivor of, is described in horrific detail. Seine, who's wife has left him for her real estate salesman boss, feels the pull of the arctic where he had worked before in desperately cold conditions. Assigned this time to dismantle an unproductive oil drilling site, Seine keeps the radio tuned to 2182 Khz, the international distress frequency. He begins to hear the ramblings of a scientist named Louis Moneymaker who claims to be marooned on a rapidly deteriorating ice floe. Seine gathers a rescue force of misfits together, and they Lemming-like set out to rescue the scientist .
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