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Friday, June 09, 2006

Finally Congress gets it right

Finally Congress has decided to do something about "Nipplegate." (link) Janet whatshername showing her nipples during the Superbowl -- sorry I missed it but football is sooooo boring -- resulted in uncounted cases of pedophilia and wife abuse, I'm sure, 50,000 seems like a good number so let's go with that. Lord knows that's the number of satanic ritual killings each year (link) [Isn't it funny that national crime statistics report only (link) 26,000 annual murders in the U.S., which means that satanic ritual murders account for twice the number of reported homicides. Somebody is missing the boat here!) But I digress, back to nipples and the degradation of American society. Now that we have some real bite in fines against broadcasters, we can go after the real sickos, those who say "fuck," like VP Cheney. Fine the bugger big time. After all he said it over C-Span. (link) I think it's time to go after the really bad words too, like "frigging, gosh darn, manure, and dam -- we all know what people really mean to say.
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