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Friday, June 02, 2006

Gore has the wrong issue

I know that global warming is all the rage among the apocalyptic environmentalists, but they have the issue all wrong. They should be focusing on oil, a fossil fuel that no doubt contributes to global warming -- not that that's something I worry about since 55 million years ago there was a subtropical environment at the North Pole (link) and nature will survive anyway -- oil, on the other hand, or the lack of it, is driving our foreign policy, getting us into wars, and unless something is done very soon, will cause massive economic and cultural disruptions. A recent article in Airways Magazine predicts the demise of the air transport system within the next few years because of the impact of rising oil prices. Robert Baer, author of See No Evil and a CIA operative in Iran for 20 years said on the Brian Lehrer show (link) that Iran has plans to suicide bomb the Arab oil fields if they are invaded. That could cause a five-fold increase in oil prices resulting in economic Armageddon (something predicted as a 90% chance by a top Morgan Stanley economist).

So, guys and gals, running for president. Forget global warming and start planning for energy disruptions. If you solve that problem, global warming will go away anyhow.
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