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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Miscellaneous musings

I fail to understand the Democrats' obsequious manner with regard to Bush's funding of the war. "Support the Troops" should mean bring them home now. By not cutting off funding, the Democrats are supporting Bush's bankrupt policies, which continue to become more incendiary and irresponsible, particularly with regard to Iran - $20 per gallon gas anyone?

The latest request for funds brings the cost of the war perilously close to a trillion dollars. Interest on the debt alone will approach $700 billion - that's debt, mind you; about $8,000 for every American. Right now that paper is owned by the Chinese. Not a good idea.

In the meantime the Republican candidates continue to self-destruct. How nice.

Recommendation: DVD "Deliver Us From Evil," a horrifying documentary about the Catholic Church's failure to address the issue of clergy pedophilia.
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