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Monday, February 18, 2008

Open letter to Hillary's campaign

Some suggestion that might help the campaign:

1. Lose Bill. He is a drag and it makes it look like he's running the show. You do much better on your own. You will also have to address the issue of what role he would play in a Hillary Clinton White House. The best thing you could have done would have been to divorce him from a campaign standpoint (not from a human one and I admire your willingness to stick by him.)

2. You MUST release your taxes. Obama has and your refusal to do so until after the nomination makes it look like you have a great deal to hide. Transparency is really important.

3. There is little difference between you and Obama on policy issues -- except perhaps Iraq where frankly you remind me a little of Margaret Thatcher -- the country is looking for the vision thing and you need to stop denigrating that. Show us your own vision for the future.

4. Emphasize how you will get things done. It's not enough to make proposals. We need now to hear how you will mobilize both parties to reach compromises to accomplish your goals. We all know compromise will be essential.

5. Stop changing your message and focus all the time. To hear you moving your message as your campaign loses steam hurts your image. Geez, and don;t use the change word anymore. Obama beat you to it.

6. And let's not overemphasize the experience. Obama has more legislative experience and a stronger record working with the other party to get things done. LBJ and Nixon were elected to office with tons of experience and we know where that got us.

Just some thoughts.
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