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Friday, March 14, 2008

More campaign observations

Just some observations:

1. Regarding the Samantha Power "monster" remark. Obama should not have accepted her resignation. Aside from the fact that she had asked the reporter not to report the remark, it was clearly her opinion, if hyperbolic, and all of us should be entitled to express our opinions -- that's what free speech is about, Obama could have distanced himself, but encouraged Power to stay. By all accounts she is a shining light in the human rights movement and author of some seminal books on the subject. The same is true for Geraldine Ferraro's silly remark, The fact that she said the same thing about Jesse Jackson in 1988 tells you a lot about Ferraro, not Clinton.

2. I am tired of the "experience" nonsense. Even when Clinton talks about her "experience" in helping to negotiate peace in Ireland -- a claim since denigrated by others who were there -- she has been careful to say, "under the direction of her husband," which sounds like she is building a resume for Secretary of State, not president. If you want an example of experience, just look at James Buchanan, considered, "Mr. Government" at the time, and he turned out to be one of the worst presidents. Not to mention all the experience Cheney and Rumsfeld had -- look where that got us. It seems to me a president should be chosen for his ability to lead and bring people together, not for his/her ability to micro-manage. And speaking of micro-managing, Clinton needs to manage her campaign a lot better. Either that or find out where all the money is going. If you want an example of a president with little or no experience look at Bill Clinton. The Obama campaign is a mirror of Bill's first campaign.

3. I am very worried that Clinton is enclosing herself in a box. Her campaign ads suggesting Obama is not qualified to be Commander in Chief -- but John McCain is -- is like writing McCain's TV ads for him, and it makes a mockery of her silly suggestion that Obama could be a good VP. The VP is supposed to be able to take over from day one. I also fear that in any contest where national security is the dominant topic, McCain will crush Clinton. The Democrats will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
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