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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What a Mess: Clinton v Obama

I saw this coming two months ago. Totally predictable. The math is against both of them because of the way the Democrats apportion delegates: proportionally. It's very, very difficult for either of two strong candidates to get a majority. My prediction is that they will both continue to batter each other until the convention which will deadlock, neither side wishing to concede. The convention will be forced to go to a third person: Al Gore. In fact, I've seen several reports that the DNC has already talked to Gore at a meeting on April 15th to develop a so-called "Denver Plan" that will have Gore as the presidential nominee, the person with the highest delegate count as VP and the other given a high post in the Gore administration. I have to admit such a strategy would completely flummox the Republicans. I have no idea what would happen to all the money collected or how the campaign would be financed, but the Democrats are in a pickle as Clinton and Obama continue to wear each other down. Just read some of the posts to sites to realize how divided the Clinton and Obama camps have become. It's truly appalling and I am terribly afraid if something radical is not done, we'll have 4 years of a Bush clone.
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