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Monday, June 02, 2008

Hillary v Barack Policy Difference

We have been told over and over that there are virtually no policy differences between the two Democratic contenders. This may indeed be true for the fashionable issues like abortion and health care (some minor differences). I see truly major distinctions in three key areas that I think are more important: energy, Iran, and Iraq.

1. On energy, Hillary has failed to produce a rational energy policy and even suggested a gas tax holiday during the summer like McCain. (link) That she would supposedly replace the tax revenue lost to the highway trust fund with a windfall tax on the oil companies shows either ignorance or that she was merely pandering to the crowd. In a time a shortages in supply the absolute worst thing you can do is artificially lower the price. It increases consumption and makes the problem much, much worse down the road. Every economist thought it was a bad idea and that she even suggested it shows a woeful disregard for a very serious problem we face.

2. Her comments on "obliterating" Iran if they should attack Israel reminds me of the neocons. (link) I cannot believe she said this and it shows a recklessness that truly frightens me.

3. Hillary voted and continues to vote support for the war in Iraq. Barack -- and I realize he was not in the Senate at the time -- has not pursued the same level of support that she has.

Her stands on these issues, I believe, make her much closer to McCain on serious policy issues, than Obama. I wonder if that's why so many of her supporters claim they will vote for McCain if she fails to get the nomination.
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