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Monday, April 23, 2012

If you have any interest in publishing, ebooks,  and the digital world in general, I suggest you link to the following sites, all of which I read regularly. Or, you can just stop by here periodically for my comments on the ones I consider the most significant or interesting.

Mike Shatkin's blog is always pithy and interesting although, as a publishing "futurist" and consultant, he sees the world from their perspective, almost never from that of the reader or author. He also has a tendency to talk about how his father did things decades ago working in the industry.  Problem is, that world doesn't exist anymore.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch writes science fiction which has been published independently as well as traditionally and writes regularly on the state of indie publishing.  Excellent reading (as are her books - I prefer the Retrieval Artist series.)

David Gaughran writes in detail about his experiences in the digital and indie world and includes lots of data. Buy his book.

The Passive Voice is compiled and written by a contracts lawyer who reads and writes about many different aspects of publishing.  Always interesting; be sure to read the comments section.

The Dear Author blog I usually don't read regularly (at least it's not in my RSS feed) but Jane has a terrific summary of the DOJ lawsuit against the Big Six. Link

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