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Monday, April 30, 2012

New Racism Museum Reveals the Ugly Truth Behind Aunt Jemima - Jennie Rothenberg Gritz - National - The Atlantic

The new Jim Crow museum. Showing the underbelly of American racism.  Pertinent quote from the article: "One day, one of my professors came into the classroom with a chauffer's cap. He set the hat down and asked what historical significance it had.

Now, the obvious answer was that blacks were denied many opportunities, and chauffeuring was one of the few jobs open to them. But that was not the right answer. He told us that a lot of professional middle-class blacks in those days always traveled with a chauffer's hat. The reason: If they were driving a nice new car through a small southern town, they didn't want police officers, or any other whites, to know the car belonged to them."

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