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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Publishers begin removing DRM from ebooks, smashing walls on Amazon “walled garden”

Interesting. DRM is coming down as much to punish Amazon as for the right reasons. Ironic because publishers were the ones who insisted on it in the first place and provided Amazon with the tool it needed to lock people into the Kindle.

More comments from Charles Stross on DRM here.  A quote: "The two current tablet/smartphone market incumbents are iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). (Microsoft is making a come-back attempt with Windows 8 Mobile, but is fighting an uphill battle.) These are essentially competing software platforms, like MacOS and Windows in the late 1980s. However, just five years ago, none of these platforms existed; the market was dominated by PalmOS, Symbian, and Microsoft's dead PocketPC platform. I therefore conclude that it is a really bad idea to make assumptions about the devices customers will own in even 3 years' time."

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