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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review of Good Morning, Midnight

Goodreads | Eric_W Welch (Forreston, IL)'s review of Good Morning, Midnight:

Classic Hill with scintillating use of language, puns, allusions, and a nifty mystery to boot. Not only that, you'll learn who the "funnyboogers" are. Some people dislike Hill's work as being too cerebral.  Nonsense. They can be read on a multitude of levels, and Hill remains one of my favorite authors.

An intriguing and complex story.  A man is found dead in a locked room, ostensibly having blown his head off.  The story becomes even more mysterious when it's learned he killed himself in a way identical to his father some ten years earlier, even to the Emily Dickensen book of poems found open to virtually the same page in each case.

Statements from the participants given to the police are layered throughout the book and each provides a very different view of events.  Lots of questions move the story along. What is Andy's relationship to Kay? Why does Andy keep trying to steer Pete away from his questioning what appears to be simply a case of copy-cat suicide? And who is the rather ordinary VAT inspector who seems to know more than he should?

The ending will be disconcerting to those who like everything tied up with a bow. I found it to be very satisfactory.

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