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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Review of Every Precious Thing

Goodreads | Eric_W Welch (Forreston, IL)'s review of Every Precious Thing:

Logan, in his second outing, is asked to locate Alan's wife, Sara, who disappeared into Mexico, leaving only a note and their child. After Alan returns home, he discovers that every trace of Sara has been removed from their home, including pictures stored on their computer. Alan, worried for her safety, contacts his lawyer who hires Logan.  Soon, it becomes apparent that others are looking for her, too. Questions arise.  Is Diana really operating in Sara's best interest. And who is the doctor who hires thugs (relatively incompetent) to track her down and along the way eliminate the competition?

There is a side plot involving Logan's father and his long-lost brother who had been killed in World War II. It seemed irrelevant and continually interrupted the story.  Contrary to many other reviewers, I didn't think it expanded on the relationship between Logan and his father at all.  Harp's brother (Logan's uncle) had been missing for sixty+ years and his Logan and his father haven't developed much of a relationship by that time, well....

I read the first Logan Harper and while the first part of that book (Little Girl Gone) was a good mystery, the last half, when he was in Thailand and Burma bordered on ridiculous (of course my credibility is strained here since I liked most of the Bond movies.)  On a more general note, I think I prefer Battles' Jonathan Quinn "cleaner" books a bit better even if they tend to even more fantastical.

We all have different expectations for books we read (or listen to.)  Those expectations can be met or destroyed by any combination of things: are we reading for information?  entertainment? to be challenged? is the narrator competent?, etc.  Sometimes when I read negative -- or positive -- reviews of books like this, I wonder whether the reviewer might have forgotten this basic premise.

This book more than met my expectations for a good light read/listen that kept my interest while mowing and driving to work.  Three instead of four stars (ridiculous rating system) because the ending leaned toward action rather than a more cerebral solution which I prefer.

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