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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Who's the Most Fidel of them All - EricCWelch

Who's the Most Fidel of them All - EricCWelch:

Thomas Perry has another winner. Started listening to this book intending to mow on the paths through the fields (about 60 minutes) and wound up finishing additional acreage. To those who say it's formulaic, I reply what a great formula.

Phil Kramer is shot dead on the street. Emily, his wife, soon learns that Phil had cleaned out their bank accounts, including that of the agency. She resolves to keep the agency going not just to bring in some cash, but also to use its operatives, especially to find out Phil's motivation. She learns more than she ever wanted to.

The mystery that holds your interest has nothing to do with "who" is responsible -- we know almost from the start who the killer is and who hired him -- but "why." That's the puzzle both Emily and the reader must figure out. Hobart, the actual killer, is very smart, but so is Emily and her cadre. Hobart makes it complicated because he wants to find out why Forrest wanted Kramer dead, too. It's a nice cat-and-mouse game.

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