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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

If Snow Hadn't Fallen (Lacey Flint Novels) by S.J. Bolton | LibraryThing

If Snow Hadn't Fallen (Lacey Flint Novels) by S.J. Bolton | LibraryThing:

This novella follows Bolton's first Lacey Flint book, Now You See Me. It's the perfect length and a marvelous short read. While it builds on events that occur in the first of the series, which had quite a twist at the end, this one could stand alone quite nicely.

Lacey happens to witness and be the first on scene to a devastatingly cruel attack on a man, a local, well-respected Pakistani surgeon.  He had been doused in petrol and  burned to death while being taunted by a group of five masked individuals.  While trying to save the man, she sees someone in black running away. Sirens frighten off the perpetrators.  The police have reason to believe he was killed by five local white thugs and this is nothing more than a hate crime.  Lacey is haunted by the crime and keeps seeing the cloaked figure visiting the site of the burning, but it manages to skip away mysteriously before she can confront it.

Excellent story.  My only quibble would be that having read the first novel, the time allotted between this event and her shocking story in the first novel just didn't seem long enough for her to be integrated back into the force.

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