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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Accounting by William Lashner | LibraryThing

The Accounting by William Lashner | LibraryThing:

I seem to be reading a spate of books lately whose plots revolve around a man on the run, or hiding something, or looking for something, and he has to dig himself out of a hole he's dug for himself.  Not a bad thing, just that it's a well-worn device that usually works.

You know things are off to a good start when the narrator flies in to Las Vegas to check on an old friend and has to remember what signature he used at the bank to open the safe deposit box where cash and the gun was stored. He finds his old friend dead on the bed and some goons out to get him. Realizing that those the three friends had ripped off decades earlier have finally caught up to them, Jon Willing knows he has to abandon his family and disappear. It's not like he wasn't prepared.  But then as is typical, things go wrong, people aren't what he expected, etc.  It's hardly a spoiler to reveal that things work out in the end.  They always do, don't they?

One thing that kept niggling at the back of my mind was the relatively small amount of money involved.  Admittedly, when they stole it it would have been a lot, but after 25 years and with much of it gone, we're really not talking about much.  Nevertheless, this was a real page turner as the chapters flew by, Jon facing some new hurdle his naivete had failed to anticipate.

Shades of Harlan Coben

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