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Friday, December 13, 2013

No Place to Die by James L. Thane | LibraryThing

No Place to Die by James L. Thane | LibraryThing:

As another reviewer mentioned, it's always with some trepidation that one purchases and starts reading a book written by a Goodreads friend.  There's always the worry it will turn out to be crap. Fortunately this is sooo not the case here.  I was hooked from the beginning and it's well-written. 

The story is told from the viewpoint of Carl McClain, a man wrongly convicted the murder of a prostitute seventeen years before, and  in the first person from the perspective of the detective, Sean,  assigned to work the case.  Carl has been released from prison and vowed to kill all those he holds responsible for his imprisonment. 

Carl's had several years of experience in homicide but his home-life is a wreck, his wife being in a vegetative state in a nursing home following a stroke after being broadsided by a DUI.  His mother-in-law, never happy her daughter had deigned to marry a cop, not to mention move away from Minnesota to Arizona, filed suit to void her living will and his health care power of attorney. She had requested no extension of care if in this state, so now he and the in-laws speak only through attorneys and the lawsuit to prevent pulling the feeding tube drags on. 

We also have third-person POVs from that of Beverly, an attorney, who was Carl's public defender during his trial.  Carl kills her husband and kidnaps her and imprisoning her in a  sound-proofed room in a remote house where he rapes and brutalizes her.    Beverly has her own method for dealing with Carl.  

Maggie, Sean's partner , is a stitch and I hope she gets developed more in future books in the series.  I've already pre-ordered the second in the series. 

It's a good police procedural and finally, someone has done acknowledgements properly (damn cat.)  My only, very minor, complaint was that Thane cleared up the problem with his wife much to neatly and conveniently. 

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