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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Barbed-Wire Kiss: A Novel by Wallace Stroby | LibraryThing

The Barbed-Wire Kiss: A Novel by Wallace Stroby | LibraryThing:

Harry Rane is in deep shit.  His friend Bobby is in debt to the mob and Harry, former ex-state-cop,  widower and old friend decides to help him get out of the obligation.  Unfortunately things begin to go bad when Harry meets Catherine, Nick Fallon's wife, and former girl friend of Harry's. (It's a small NJ world, apparently.)  The guy that Bobby had made the drug deal with turns up dead in the trunk of a car at the airport, and Fallon discovers Harry is making it with his wife.   Whew.

Some bizarre reviews out there.  One, on Amazon, said he liked the way Rane took several beatings, and another compared the book unfavorably to the Sopranos (a TV series) and a Bruce Springsteen song.  I mean, WTF?

Compelling story even if Harry does occasionally act dumber than a post.

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