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Monday, December 02, 2013

The Ranger (A Quinn Colson Novel) by Ace Atkins | LibraryThing

The Ranger (A Quinn Colson Novel) by Ace Atkins | LibraryThing:

This was one of those audiobooks, that I would listen to for a while then switch to something else, then come back, to then hop elsewhere again.  I had trouble relating to the characters.  Quinn didn't have the appeal and intensity of a Jack Reacher, nor the smarts and authority of Virgil Flowers.  It also lacked any moments of humor that can add so much to the enjoyment of a book. 

Quinn, home on leave, has to make several decisions: should he reenlist, only to be sent to some base as a ranger instructor? clean up his home town of Jericho? investigate the apparent suicide of his uncle the sheriff? sell the property he inherited?   And what are we to make of the  teen walking from Alabama to find the boyfriend who knocked her up? 

Quinn is sort of a John Wayne-let's-clean-up-this-town character without the swagger.

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