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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Advocate's Betray by Teresa Burrell

Goodreads | Eric_W Welch (Forreston, IL)'s review of The Advocate's Betrayal:

I was a bit disappointed in this book, hoping that it would be a legal battle.  I love well-written courtroom scenes.  Instead it was a mish-mash of romance and investigation with just a wee bit of courtroom work on a case that was peripheral to the main plot.

Betty's husband, John, is attacked and killed one evening, in their trailer. Betty and John were apparently Sabre's good friends, although there is little evidence (back-story) of that friendship.  Mostly we just take her word for it. Sabre, our legal-beagle heroine (very attractive, of course) is being wooed by Luke (he is a hunk, of course,) but she's also lusted after by her JP, her P.I., who seems to be the most competent individual in the story, not to mention Bob, a legal colleague. The story twists here and there as Sabre realizes that Betty is not telling her the truth and nothing is it appears. I was disappointed in the ending which seemed to be antithetical to the story being told by the killer.

I don't mean to be too negative because the story did hold my interest, and the writing is competent. According to her bio, Teresa Burrell  is an attorney whose practice is largely devoted to juvenile court and now, semi-retired is focused on promoting children's issues. Sabre is supposed to be a child advocate, so  I think the book would have been much better had she built a plot around some child advocacy issue as they did on the better shows of The Guardian before it devolved into melodramatic soap between the characters.  Perhaps her other books do.  2.576 stars.

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