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Friday, January 24, 2014

Until Death by James L. Thane | LibraryThing

Until Death by James L. Thane | LibraryThing:

I read the first in the Sean Richardson series and liked it. This 2nd is even better 

The mark of a good entertainment, regardless of genre, is being compelled by the story to get back to it and see what happens. Until Death meets that test handsomely. 

Sean is still despondent over the death of his wife several months earlier and Maggie has her own romantic pressures. I liked the relationship between the two: supportive and friendly without the "jump-in-the-sack" syndrome that bedevils so many partner relationships. 

A man is bludgeoned to death in his garage. There are no clues. Then three other men are gunned down in seemingly random fashion, except they had been killed with the same gun. Things get interesting when a high-priced escort comes forward to reveal she had lost her client list (in a day-planner, no less) and realized all three of the men had been her clients. Sean and "Maggs," are stumped; they have a plethora of suspects but all seem to have solid alibis. 

By Part II some of the best suspects have been killed and a new one is revealed (I was surprised by who took the client book and his motive is never revealed.) 

Really don't want to drop any spoilers in here. Just buy and read the book. Very enjoyable. 

P.S. I would *really* like to meet Gina Gallagher.

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