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Monday, July 14, 2014

SHEER GALL (Rachel Gold Mystery) by Michael Kahn | LibraryThing

Another in the fine Rachel Gold series featuring the very fat and obscene but extremely bright and loyal Benny.  Rachel is hired by Sally to handle her divorce, something Rachel has sworn not to do. But Sally displays the marks of having been beaten and turns up dead the next day. As her last attorney of record, Rachel is hired to handle the trust and reassign Sally’s clients

I love some of the word play. For example:
I gave him a cynical look. “Are you planning to impress her with the size of your epistemology?”
“Hey, woman, as Manny Kant once said, it’s not the length of your metaphysics, it’s the quality of your categorical imperatives.”
“I love when you philosophy guys talk dirty.”

I won’t say more but to note the title is a pun and gall stones play a role.   3.5 stars, but only because I don’t think it’s quite as good as the preceding titles.

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