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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jack in the Box (Brock and Poole Mysteries) by Graham Ison | LibraryThing

DCI Harry Brock is called to the scene of a burned corpse discovered by the fire brigade after being sent to put out a small litter fire.  Brock’s side-kick is DS Dave Poole and the two make an interesting pair. It’s a rather routine police procedural.  What makes it above average is the interplay between Brock and Dave.

Ison was a Scotland Yard detective for some thirty years and his expertise is apparent.  As are his often sarcastic opinions of the state of the current British justice system.  

Good story with lots of false leads.  Unlike his Hardcastle series, it’s set in a modern world, rather than around WW I.

Perfectly paced  audiobook nicely read by Damian Lynch.

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