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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Devil's Star: A Harry Hole Novel by Jo Nesbo | LibraryThing

I did not realize when I started this book that it was fifth in a series of ten, so far. While it does stand alone, I think I would recommend reading them in order.

Detective Inspector Harry Hole has been on a drunken bender for several weeks.  Having been obsessed with the idea that a fellow cop, Tom Waaler, is corrupt and had killed two people in order to hide his activities, he had come to the conclusion that he was stymied and unable to take the case further.  He has but one ally in the police department, his boss, Bjorn Moller. “Harry Hole.The lone wolf, the drunk, the department’s enfant terrible and, apart from Tom Waaler, the best detective on the sixth floor.”   He’s occasionally totally dysfunctional with moments of brilliance.

They are confronted with a strange case where the killer seemingly picks his targets at random, leaving only a severed digit as a clue and red diamonds.  Hole realizes that the killer is leaving a trail and the clues all revolve around the pentagon shape.

It took me a bit to get into the book, but once involved, it’s a real rush to the end with numerous tight curves and bends. Downgraded for intuitive insights on the part of Harry that seemed to spring out of thin air rather than from investigatory brilliance.

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