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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Grave Indulgence by William Doonan | LibraryThing

The Indulgence is the largest cruise ship in the world with every imaginable attraction including a rainforest with its own indigenous people, a 3D surround movie theater, and a high wire line that transports you through the air above the ship.  Funded by a prince of an Arab country, Henry is hired to make sure nothing happens to Meg Savoy, an American Air Force general who has many secrets with regard to drone operations that many other countries would enjoy getting their computers on.

As usual Henry is annoyingly lustful and occasionally forgetful, although his malapropisms and odd memory seem as much a part of his technique as old age. He’s also sly as a fox. He stumbles into several side plots and with his usual aplomb (but very hard spine) manages to outwit the bad guys. He has to worry this voyage about what seems to be some early Alzheimer’s as well.

These books are obviously not to be taken seriously, but much like a fine, creamy chocolate, become addictive and hard to put down.  They are well written and often chuckle-out-loud funny. I’ve read three now and hope Doonan continues to write in the series. I should be so spry at 85.

Now on to Aleutian Grave.

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