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Thursday, January 15, 2015

House Rules: A Joe DeMarco Thriller by Mike Lawson | LibraryThing

Let’s say there’s someone in Israel you want to get rid of without any suspicion you might be behind it.  What better way than to wait until your target is hanging out in a local bar, flip in a bomb, and then have anyone assume it was Hamas?   Or perhaps you want to become president or obtain power..  What better way to accumulate money and power than to secretly orchestrate a series of Muslim terrorist attacks and then propose extraordinary methods to eliminate the “terrorist” threat?  Contrived though it might be, that’s one of the plot devices in this excellent audiobook

Joe DeMarco works for the Speaker of the House, John Mahoney, in a very special capacity, operating way below the radar. Mahoney wants plausible deniability for his relationship with his troubleshooter and DeMarco is often left hanging in the wind to find his own way getting things done.   So why does DeMarco still work for Mahoney?  Hard to put on a resume that you’ve never practiced law, act as a bagman for the Speaker, and have no marketable skills. His latest investigation  is precipitated  when the Muslim brother of Mahoney’s old friend kills his family and then climbs into his Cessna and steers for the White House.  He is shot down by an F-16, but his motives remain quite obscure and that he happens to be a Muslim fuels the flames. Throw in a recently elected Senator who wants all Muslims thrown out of the country and a real Muslim terrorist who wants to blow up a chemical factory that makes hydrofluoric acid and you have a mess.

A political thriller par excellence, with some really caustic wit about Washington. An excellent audiobook.
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